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Welcome to the home of Blood and Steel, a guild in Dungeons and Dragons Online on the Khyber server.  We are a smallish guild which is constantly growing.  We screen applicants to ensure we receive only those players who will fit in well with us, thus ensuring the most enjoyment for all.
Guild News

Guild Ship Acquired (aka Someone set up us the Airship)

psyco_pup, Aug 24, 12 1:43 AM.
Well, we did it all.  We made guild level 20 and are now proud owners of an airship, which has been dubbed the "Mid Level Crisis" by Ximezhe.  Now we just need to get everyone together on it to grab a screenshot for the site.

Site Update

psyco_pup, Aug 23, 12 1:37 AM.
Had to disable the Gallery due to the site only having 15 megs storage space attached to it at this time.  Also, send me a message with any ideas of what you would like to see on the site.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

psyco_pup, Aug 22, 12 10:05 AM.
Ok, just set up this site here, hopefully it will be our home from now on.  Seems to have all we will need for a site, and then some.
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